Impact HUB TOKYO – Artist residency

Impact HUB Tokyo is a co-working and community space for entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups.

In summer 2023 they launched a new program “Artist in residence in Meguro Neighborhood” which is supported by “Life with Art Grant by Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture”.

We collaborated to create a series of 6 video interviews presenting the program and the participants to both of our communities on Instagram. All episodes are posted on Instagram reels with English and Japanese subtitles available.

The highest-performance video video reached a total of 2414 accounts and has 2755 views.
The averaged reach of the whole series is 1,200 reached accounts.
My Instagram profile @agatheferrand_art during the month of publication (August 2023) reached over 3500 accounts.

Check out the list of episodes and their description below.

Discover a new artist residency in the heart of Tokyo🗼 in Meguro.

🎥 Episode 1: Today we talk with Yuko Mishio of Impact HUB Tokyo about their new program: a
residency, welcoming artists in their coworking space to bring art to their local community and support artists’ journey of exploring. From daily open studios to exhibitions and events let’s discover their project and what they hope to realize together with the artists.

Printing with nature 🍃

🎥 Episode 2: Today we talk with artist Maureen Eggleton at Impact HUB Tokyo about her research during her residency. At first a fashion photographer, in the recent years Maureen has been focusing on fine art photography, inspired by her own sustainability journey she has been experimenting with natural elements in her creations, both conceptually and physically, let’s find out how!

Playing with fabric 🧵

🎥 Episode 3: Today we talk with artist Makiko Sugino at Impact HUB Tokyo about her research during her residency. Since her childhood days Makiko has always been interested by colors and the unseen elements in our daily lives, lights, sounds, everything in between us and our scenery. The artist lets us enter her world of play for a few moments, let’s explore…

Dancing with our surroundings 🤸‍♀️

🎥 Episode 4: Today we talk with dancer and choreographer Mei Yamanaka at Impact HUB Tokyo about her research during her residency. Mei dances everyday. She is always searching in her surroundings the elements which can be used as an inspiration to her movements. At Impact HUB Tokyo she will be inspired by the space and its furniture, the way members of the community move, as well as their interactions with inhabitants of Meguro. She wants to create a performance to connect all members of the community.

Sharing our experiences 🪑

🎥 Episode 5: Today we talk with curator and artist Yangu and artist Kurage at Impact HUB Tokyo about their research during their residency. Together the duo is taking on our negative experiences and how we can overcome them through creation. Thanks to the technique of woodblock printing they aim to create a safe space for participants to come create their own board and hope to go through this emotional journey by bringing the community together.

The theater in our lives 🎭

🎥 Episode 6: Today we talk with stage producer Momo Hachisu and dramaturg Chisato Sone  at Impact HUB Tokyo about their research during their residency. When building a play, there is much to consider on how best to convey emotions and directions to actors. During their residency Momo and Chisato will use their time to research together on the very important and sensitive topic of discrimination by land and the best way to translate this topic on stage. Let’s hear about their collaboration and what drew them to choose this contemporary topic.

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