Enthusiast, attentive and organized, my offer is fitted to your needs and your budget.

After graduating from university in Art History and Museum Education I focused on contemporary art out of passion.

Strengthen by an experience of several years in both private and public organizations I offer a wide panel of services and skills to my clients.

My career have been enhanced by my proactive discovery of the international scene, among others New York, London and Paris.

Today I work with both artists to advise them, as well as organizations to support their teams.

Contact me  so we can set up a meeting and define together your goals and the best strategy to adopt in order to reach them.

In 2018 I started working as a freelance for the following: communication, coordination, exhibition.

Beforehand I spent three months in New York networking and improving my knowledge of the american artistic scene.

Previously I was in charged of the digital communication and press relations for the kamel mennour gallery in Paris, France.

There I worked on the gallery’s exhibitions and all of the artists’ news, such as Alfredo Jaar, Mohamed Bourouissa, Latifa Echakhch, Camille Henrot, Martial Raysse and Zineb Sedira among others. For instance I managed simultaneously press requests and designed a social media strategy.

In 2014 I joined the team of contemporary art center Micro Onde, located in the suburbs of Paris. I handled the general communication of the exhibitions, like those of Hicham Berrada, Nicolas Momein or the collective one Les Récits de l’Insu.

There I developped the press relations by organizing dedicated events and specific tools. All the while I was also involved with the Education department by presenting exhibitions to various audiences and handling workshops for students.

Finally throughout both my career and my education I benefitted from several experiences abroad (Lebanon, USA and Bulgaria, among others).

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