Fajro, La Borne Residencies

I have worked with La Borne Residencies for the communication of Fajro, artist Bettina Samson’s project. Following her residency in 2015 the artist presented an exhibition with ceramists Lucien Petit and Hervé Rousseau.

For this project I managed the press relations. First of all designing and setting up the strategy, writing and sending newsletters, while also following up with journalists.

Simultaneously I handled the generic newsletters, with their related contact file, calendar and sendings.

To discover the project and the artworks I invite you to check out La Borne Residencies website.

Agathe Ferrand Résidences La Borne

Bettina Samson avec Lucien Petit et Hervé Rousseau, Fajro, 2016. Résidences La Borne © Jean Frémiot.


Bettina Samson
With Lucien Petit & Hervé Rousseau
Group show, February 6th – March 15th, 2016
Centre de céramique contemporaine La Borne, France.
Agathe Ferrand Résidences La Borne