Portrait of an Entrepreneur: Successes, Challenges and Inspirations – FAJ

For the FAJ organization – Facilitating Women’s Ambition in Japan, I looked back on my journey as an entrepreneur in the world of contemporary art, culture and tourism. I was able to talk about my studies in art history, my career in Paris as well as my independent launch and finally my professional adventure in Japan. The participants were also able to question me about the contemporary art world and I was able to advise them on entrepreneurship. Thanks to Samia Jamai for her invitation.

The conversation took place online on February 6, 2024 with more than twenty participants based in Japan and abroad.

FAJ is a non-profit organization based in Tokyo, Japan, which has been connecting and supporting women in their professional lives in Japan since 2009.

After participating in the Entrepreneur Club, a program to develop your business in Japan, I have the pleasure this year of being a supervisor and supporting the projects of 8 women throughout the year.