Through my travels and the numerous research I do beforehand, I gather a lot of information on places to discover and great local spots.

Additionally I use this space to inform on the art world, its components and its professionals. I hope through this blog, with an easy access, I can get new people to get interested in contemporary art. In order to do so I write with an easy-going, informal style on purpose, which allows me to be close to my readers.Here is the type of content I post:

my art bucket list london

City-Guides Information on art places, which to see first, how long will it take, etc. Also what to do around them, where to eat, where to sleep and other well-thought out tips. All one might need to organize his or hers next cultural travel.

Maps For each of my travels I create a Google Map on which I add all of the addresses I might need. I make them available for my newsletter subscribers. So that during their next travel they can either use the information, either discover them on the spot through the app.

What is… For everyone who wishes to know more about the art world. These are didactical posts explaining the different human and materials components of the art world, in France and abroad. For instance: What is a curator, What is an art fair, What is a Frac, etc.

Tips A few tips from someone working in the art world. Whether it is fun facts about art or about travel. A few examples: the best art apps, the Instagram accounts to follow, etc.

The List The first idea, which gave the blog its name MY ART BUCKET LIST. I gathered all of the art places I wish to discover in the world. It is of course regularly updated and will probably never end, although it may inspire some for their travels. In the same spirit I created a calendar, which presents all of the major artistic events happening in France, and I am currently working on the international version.

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Ongoing digital project is a platform for travellers interested by art and looking for places to visit.

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For any request or collaboration idea regarding my blog you can contact me using the form on my website.

Socrates Sculpture Park New York Agathe Ferrand art