Since September 2019 I am the Community Manager of the MAC VAL, contemporary art museum of Val-de-Marne, located in the suburbs of Paris, France.

It is the only museum in France whose collection is solely dedicated to french contemporary art.

Since taking over their Instagram account their followers more than doubled,

from about 8K in 2019 to 16K in 2021 and finally 20K when I left in 2022.

"Le vent se lève" collection MAC VAL, 2021. photo Ph. Lebruman
“Le vent se lève” collection MAC VAL, 2021. photo Ph. Lebruman

For the museum I run the editorial calendar of the following accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and occasionally Youtube.

Here are a few examples of what was published so far :

🖼 Come into my studio / Entrez dans mon atelier
A series with artists, friends of the museum, invited our audience to discover their creative space during the lockdown, as well as their current inspirations. The videos are available on IGTV as well as Youtube.

I also work closely with the education and conservation teams to showcase the museum’s actions as well as ressources.

🌿 The botanical tours / Les visites botaniques
Special guided tours of the exhibition to enjoy at home while it was closed to the public.

📷 Behind the scenes
Sharing how the museum’s collection is travelling the world and being showcased in many institutions. It is also an opportunity to present the many different actions the museum’s team achieves which are not always perceived by the audiences.

Lastly here are some examples of video content I created to promote the museum’s exhibition catalogs.

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📖NIL YALTER “TRANSHUMANCE” 👉Le catalogue de l’exposition est disponible ✨ ➡️ L’essai monographique publié à l’occasion de l’exposition au MAC VAL s’attache pour la première fois à l’ensemble du parcours de cette artiste multimédia. Toutes les pièces sont abordées, situées dans leur contexte culturel, politique et social. Cet ouvrage est le résultat de vingt années de compagnonnage entre Nil Yalter et Fabienne Dumont, fruit de multiples discussions et analyses détaillées des œuvres. Nil Yalter 288 pages, bilingue français-anglais, 17 × 24 cm, 23 €. Texte de Fabienne Dumont. #macval #museum #musee #artcontemporain #contemporaryart #artecontemporaneo #art #artmuseum #valdemarne #vitry #exhibition #culture #catalogue #publication #edition #nilyalter #transhumance #exposition #expositionpersonnelle #artiste #artistefemme #peinture #video #photo #installation #artistemilitante #activist #feministe #turquie

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