Welcome to Agatha’s Journey, the cultural travel channel that takes you on a journey of discovery through the vibrant contemporary art scene in Japan.

In this vlog, I’m excited to take you to Kyotographie, an international photography festival, where you’ll discover some of the most exciting and innovative works by both leading and up-and-coming contemporary artists.

Join me as we explore Kyoto, one of Japan’s most captivating cities, and experience the unique blend of traditional and modern that defines this dynamic location.

As we immerse ourselves in the festival, we’ll also explore the fascinating cultural and historical landmarks that make Kyoto such a special place to live and visit. Thanks to the unique and unexpected locations of the festival’s exhibitions.

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Hi if you don’t know me I am Agatha I live in Tokyo, Japan. I work as a freelancer in digital communication for the arts and I am currently starting a business here connected to travel, contemporary art, design and architecture. I share this journey here as well as the exhibitions, museums and festivals I go to.

Disclaimers: video not sponsored, the festival kindly gifted me with a press pass to discover the exhibition. What I say about the exhibitions is my own interpretation based on the text and informations I found on the museum’s website, as well as quotations from these sources.

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