Whether it is creating new content from scratch or utilise your already existing media, together we will find ways to showcase your project, artworks and collection while always keeping in mind your identity and tone.

Social media

It could be a series of stories to introduce an artist or a team member, even games about artworks just to name a few. These dynamic productions will help you connect with your audience.

Showcasing your editions

A powerful way to present your latest publication and give your audience a glimpse of its content.

Here is a video I produced to present the exhibition catalog of artist Taysir Batniji “Quelques bribes arrachées au vide qui se creuse”.

Educational videos

How to present the artworks in a few seconds towards the different social media platforms. We will work together with your team to find the best format, rythm and topics.

Introducing an artist publication from the museum’s book collection “USA 76 : Kit Bicentenaire”, de Jacques Monory et Michel Butor, 1976.
For this video we were able to use the already existing audioguide by repurposing them to social media.
Bianca Argimón, Weltschmerz, 2019 Collection MAC VAL

Being up-to-date

Video is currently the most important format. It is necessary to have a comprehensive view on what other institutions, artists, and all professionals are offering to their audiences.

My goal is to help you create unique, informative content. We can also collaborate to at first create it together while I give you the key elements so you can continue in the future to produce content in-house.