Art Week Tokyo 2023: A bus ride through Tokyo’s Art Scene

Hop on the bus and follow me for a discovery of galleries in Tokyo!
For the Art Week Tokyo I bring you to check out a selection of exhibitions and experience a fun event happening every year in the city.
Together we will see the following:
Candida Höfer at Kotaro Nukaga Gallery
Miwa Ogasawara at Maho Kubota Gallery (thank you Noe for the insightful conversation!)
Guo-Liang Tan at OTA Fine Arts Gallery
Nicolas Jullien & Jean Jullien at Nanzuka Underground Gallery
Eva Jospin at Ruinart Pop-up Bar AWT Bar design by Suzuko Yamada

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Hi if you don’t know me I am Agatha I live in Tokyo, Japan. I work as a freelancer in digital communication for the arts and I am currently starting a business here connected to travel, contemporary art, design and architecture. I share this journey here as well as the exhibitions, museums and festivals I go to.

Disclaimers: video not sponsored, what I say about the exhibitions is my own interpretation based on the text and informations I found on the museum, galleries websites, as well as quotations from these sources.